Description and idea of the game

When you enter the world of online slots you immediately understand the wide variety of products that are present and among them we certainly find a 5-reel slot like the Spamalot that also offers 20 paylines to give you the maximum chances of winning big prizes in sequence. The Playtech slot offers Wild, Scatter and many free spins to win to achieve each player’s dream, which is the jackpot win of 7,500 euros. Not many people resist Monty Python’s laughter, sarcasm, humor and everything that accompanies them and playing with Spamalot can remind you of just this kind of fun experience.


Inside the Spamalot you will find as symbols: King Arthur, Sir Robin, The Holy Gral and all the classic symbols that are related to the legend of the famous sword Excalibur. In addition to this the Spamalot slot adds joy and fun at all times arriving at incredible potential for all game fans. To play your best you must always keep tabs on the Scatter and Wild symbols, especially these last symbols can replace any other symbols in the winning combinations, except of course the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol has two roles in Spamslot, awards and free spin that offer great chances of winning even bigger prizes.


Playing with Spamalot, you won’t have to forget about the presence of the Sacred Gral Bonus, which can be activated with 5 jackpot symbols during the free game. You can also win these symbols when a Wild symbol is placed in their place, an interesting bonus that can lead to big payouts. Fun and big prizes are always the biggest attractions of Spamalot. The Holy Grail Jackpot will transport you inside you 6 levels and you will have to choose from a number of animals to get the relative prize until you find an animal that does not reward and the game ends. There are also very interesting bonus games: Storm the Castle, None Shall Pass, Knights Who Say Ni and even Killer Rabbit. In short, in conclusion we are faced with a slot with a lot of possibilities for the players. Spamslot is also very popular for this reason.