The history of Blackjack The origins of blackjack are the subject of much debate among industry scholars around the world. Some say that this game was practiced even in the B.C. years, while others are convinced it was only born in the 18th century. Apart from everything, one thing is certain: over the years the game has undergone constant changes and still undergoes them. In fact, if we take a look at online casinos we immediately notice the high number of variants present, a number that is likely to rise. Very often this is a positive factor, since among the new variants there are some that offer better odds than the classic game.

Legends or history?

Some scholars trace the first traces of blackjack history to the period when the Romans invaded Europe and between battles they relaxed playing a form of blackjack that was certainly not identical to the current one. In fact, suffice it to say that the cards were not invented until the 15th century, so in any case they are supposed to play with wooden tiles with carved a numerical value. This is a fascinating theory, supported by the fact that the Romans used to bet jewelry and animals. Even if it were only the embryonic stage of the game, it would still be a curious discovery should they be confirmed.

The card game

The history of blackjack as we know it can’t ignore its fundamental ingredient: cards! To discover some dating regarding the game of blackjack played with cards, it is necessary to pass the year in which the same playing cards were invented, namely the 1440 by John Guttenberg. The most obvious traces of the game that may have originated the current version of blackjack are found in France in the 18th century, where a game called “21” spread. This game, practiced mainly in aristocratic environments, required players to score 21 and be paid 3 to 1. In 1875 the “21” also arrived in America, first as an amateur game, later in the bische and even later in casinos, becoming the most practiced game in gambling circles under the present name of “Black Jack” or “Blackjack”.

Arrival on the Internet

The advent of the internet and later online casinos has sent the popularity of blackjack skyrocketing. In fact, today blackjack is universally known both in theory (the rules) and in practice, with millions of players practicing blackjack with real money online from all the countries of the world. The history of blackjack may be secular or millennial, but one thing is certain: whoever invented it created a game practiced by all the peoples of the world, a true empire.